Monday, July 7, 2008

The National Environmental Hall of Fame Continues its
First Annual Awards Ceremony In LA on Sept 19 and 20

And Co-Sponsors a Contest with YOU for
Every School and Community in the USA
Twenty-two environmentalists and “green” celebrities were honored at the Environmental Hall of Fame's inaugural event on June 6 at the Westin LAX. Honorees included Art Linkletter, Mario Van Peebles, Van Jones and Stan Ovshinsky. Induction into the Environmental Hall of Fame is envisioned to be the environ-mental sector’s equivalent of an Emmy or Grammy. The event was filmed for national TV.

The June 6 ceremony recognized inductees for their commitment to sustainability, reducing energy costs and reducing global warming. Criteria included longevity, impact and recom-mendation from peers. September 19 and 20 events will induct at least 22 more honorees into the Environmental Hall of Fame.

Implementing the technologies and recommendations of the June 6 Honorees would be enough to totally transform the United States into a self-sufficient, renewable energy economy!

all are invited to enter or co-sponsor a contest intended to help your school, college, and community increase sustainability, reduce energy costs, and reduce global warming. Simply write a one-page essay for your school and/or one-page essay for your community on how to implement the solutions of the 22 top environmentalists (and selected "green schools and green communities").

Winners will be inducted into the Environmental Hall of Fame for their city, state, school (elementary, middle and high school) and college. Entries will be posted on the website. A low co-sponsorship of $100+ allows you to give the award to the winner, receive publicity for helping your school, college or community "go green" and create a National Environ-mental Hall of Fame Museum and Solutions Center. Help the USA "go green," reduce energy costs and reduce the problems of climate change!

Honorees of the Environmental Hall of Fame include:
Art Linkletter,
Celebrity and Chairman of Solargenix, creator of the "Power Roof"
AeroVironment for wind turbines on your building
Amonix for seventh generation concentrated photovoltaics
CEO Space for global cooperation
CalPIRG for green public transportation
Environment California for the Million Solar Roofs program
First Solar, the largest producer of thin-film photovoltaics
Guy Negre for the Air Car
Larry Kazmerski, Director of the National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL) National Center for Photovoltaics
Mario Van Peebles, actor and director of Mario's Green House
New Energy Congress for 100 top emerging technologies
PacWind for wind energy on your roof
Rainforest Action Network for Sustainable Forests
Set America Free for USA energy independence
Southwest Windpower, the largest Small Wind Producer
Stan Ovshinsky, Father of Thin-Film Solar Energy
SunPower for the highest photovoltaic efficiency
Tesla Motors for their high end electric car
US Green Building Council, LA Chapter
Van Jones and Green for All, Green Collar jobs/Social Justice

Click on Awards Ceremony 2008 to see photos of the June 6 event. Click on Awards Ceremony Tickets to purchase tickets for the September 19-20 events. For more information, please Contact Us (on website)
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